Karnes County, TX

Eagle Ford Shale In Karnes County Texas

We have interest in several Texas counties prospective for the Eagle Ford shale. We'll keep adding pages for them. The Eagle Ford shale play is very large!

There has been some Eagle Ford shale drilling activity in Karnes County, TX in the last year or so and some of the oil and gas wells have showed promise. Almost all of the land in Karnes County, Texas (county seat, Karnes City) is leased by oil and gas companies. This includes mineral rights to lands near the following TX towns and cities:
  • Karnes City, Texas
  • Kenedy, Texas
  • Zunkerville, Texas
  • Green, Texas
  • Runge, Texas
  • Choate, Texas
  • Panna Maria, Texas
  • Falls City, Texas
  • Hobson, Texas
  • Gillett, Texas
  • Helena, Texas
  • Eclecto, Texas
  • Pawelekville, Texas
  • Coy City, Texas
  • Tordillo Hill, Texas
If you own mineral rights or non-participating royalty rights to lands in this area of Karnes County, TX and are not leased, please call us and perhaps we can help you. If your mineral rights are already leased, you can still profit from a cash sale. Contact us and we can help you with a sale of mineral rights. Some people elect to sell mineral rights or part of their part of mineral rights and we do have interest in Karnes County due to the Eagle Ford shale activity.

If there is a question you would like to see covered here, please contact us.